The Tao of Healing Art

As most Westerners now know, Tao means “the Way” in Chinese and the practice of Taoism, and while it’s not actually a religion, Tao is a spiritual practice of observing, listening to, and experiencing the energy (qi) of life. At The Tao Movement, we practice the Tao of Healing Art, which is based in the ancient massage and qi energy movement practices of Tui-Na first written down in the time of the Yellow Emperor, about 2500 years ago. Tui-Na most literally means “push” and “rub” (or “grasp”), but has a deeper meaning of pushing away abnormality and removing abnormality or blockages to restore balance to the flow of qi. Traditionally, Tui-Na practitioners use acupressure and massage techniques to achieve beneficial results. In China, Tui-Na practice is a department in every hospital and is used daily to treat a myriad of health concerns.

For us, healing via Tui-Na is not just a practice, but is an intuitive gift of kindness that we intuitively provide for our patients – we bring the Universal gifts of wisdom and kindness to all of our therapeutic treatments. Combined with the specific techniques that we use to heal, and restore balance and energy flow, our gift to our patients and clients is our love of the Tao of Healing Art.

We are delighted to offer you our Tao of Healing Art through our unique combination of the practices energy movement and massage in Hilo, Hawaii and Seattle. While we have categorized our services to make it easy to describe them to you, we often, if not always, combine many techniques – from acupressure to deep tissue massage to meridian line energy movement to tantra techniques – to create a massage experience that is as unique as you are, and that is personalized just for you. We will always listen to your needs and your goals for healing and provide you with the services you request as well as suggesting other services that we intuitively know will help you along your healing path. If you find yourself wondering whether a specific healing technique or a specialized massage therapy might be beneficial for you, please ask! We are always willing to give you as much information as you need about our services and offer our intuition so that you can be empowered to choose what you feel will fit for you.

We have specifically chosen our services that are now our Tui-Na, our Tao of Healing Art, and our healing gift to you. Please contact us today and let us know how we may serve your healing needs.

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