Tao Energy Movement Services Include Massage, Yoga, Personal Training, and Energy Healing in Hilo, Hawaii and Seattle.

It’s likely that, although you’ve certainly heard of many of the healing services that Tao Energy Movement offers, you have not experienced them the way that we create them for you here – this is the Tao of our approach. We specialize in making you comfortable, personalizing our services for your needs as well as our intuition of what you need, and achieving results that are beyond what you may have experienced before. From your first interaction with Tao Energy Movement therapists, you will know that this is not your typical Hilo or Seattle massage therapy clinic.

Our focus is on healing, and especially on helping your body heal itself by moving qi energy along your body’s meridians through a variety of effective techniques, personalized to your needs. While our massage and energy healing modalities will help your body relax and promote healing from a more passive Tao, participating our Kundalini Yoga instruction will open up an active, and yet still blissful Tao.

Here is a quick summary of our services, and you may read about them in more detail in our services description pages:

  • Meridian Line Healing: This modality combines the healing touch of massage along with intentional qi energy movement along the body’s twelve major meridian lines to create a blissful, healing experience.
  • Acu-Sports Massage: Although it could be called our most traditional massage experience, we use a combination of Thai massage, deep tissue massage, meridian line energy work, acupressure massage, and breathwork to achieve relaxation, healing, and optimal physical wholeness.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: This style of massage is used to reach and treat muscles that are under the surface muscles of your body – where tension or injury tends to create chronic pain that this technique is ideal for relieving. While not necessarily the most relaxing or comfortable of massage therapies, it is very effective, and we combine it with relaxation massage, energy healing, and breathwork to create the most healing experience possible.
  • Cupping Therapy: Cupping has been used in Chinese and Asian cultures for thousands of years to decrease pain, increase circulation, and detoxify toxic tissues through the use of special glass cups that are used to create suction on the surface of the patient’s skin.
  • Kundalini Energetic Therapy and Massage: Our “crown jewel” – Kundalini therapy – is a unique, highly personal, and highly personalized consciousness-raising experience that is co-created between the practitioner and the patient. The ultimate goal is one of achieving free movement of Kundalini energy in the patient’s body and consciousness, and thereby arriving at a higher state of consciousness. The design of the therapy moves the patient through eight energetic levels that are linked to the chakras of the body, and as the patient progresses through the levels, they find that their experience of their past and their life now is transformed.

Please visit the individual service pages here on our site to learn more about our unique approaches to helping your body, heart, and soul heal.

Tao Energy Movement proudly offers our services including massage, energetic healing, fitness training, and yoga in Hilo, HI and Seattle, Wa.