Additional Info:

In Cupping Therapy, specialized “cups” with 1 to 3 inch diameter openings are used to create a lower-pressure areas when applied to specific points on the patient’s skin. The suction effect created by the cups increases blood flow to the cupped area. Cupping has been used as a healing method for thousands of years across Asia and the Middle East.

Our Cupping Therapy includes:

  • Body Vibration for relaxation
  • Stretching
  • Cupping in affected areas
  • Recommendations for self-care management between sessions

Cupping therapy has been used for hundreds of generations in non-Western healing practices to increase local circulation, decrease pain, and assist with decongesting toxic tissues. Depending on the level of suction used and the patient’s own skin, cupping therapy may leave temporary red rings or round bruises on the skin treated.

Cupping therapy can be included at no additional cost in any Tao Energy Movement therapy session by request.