Acu-Sports Massage

Additional Info:

Our Acu-Sports Massage Therapy is a unique combination of deep tissue, Thai, meridian line, and acupressure massage combined with the use of breathwork to create an internal massage that has the client experience wholeness and connection with their body.

Our Acu-Sports Massage Therapy includes:

  • Meridian Line Massage
  • Acupressure Treatment
  • Thai Massage
  • Guidance with breathwork
  • Recommendations for self-care management between sessions
  • Optional Cupping Therapy upon request

Combining the best of Oriental Acupressure and massage techniques, Auc-Sports Massage benefits include increased circulation and energy levels, decreased muscle tension, improved organ function and wellness levels, and an overall sense of wellbeing.

Our Principal Therapist, Ila Barlean, has designed our Acu-Sports Massage Therapy to be a special blend of several massage techniques, as well as a combination of traditional healing modalities and intuition. The end result is a massage experience that is unique – not just a relaxing massage, but one that will improve your energy levels, organ function, and your overall sense of wellbeing. Our Acu-Sports Massage was designed inside of the Tao of Healing Art and the ancient practices of Tui-Na healing which incorporated specific massage techniques, acupressure, and qi energy work to remove abnormality from the patient’s body and restore balance to the flow of qi through the body.

Acu-Sports Massage is designed for active adults who enjoy being fit and are continually challenging their limits. You will find that your athletic performance will be enhanced noticeably by giving yourself the gift of our Acu-Sports Massage on a regular basis. Tell us what your fitness goals and challenges are and we will tailor your massage experience to help support your body in achieving those goals and give you the possibility of optimal wellness and performance. If you are “pushing through” chronic pain to reach your goals, then you will certainly benefit from Acu-Sports massage, because – although many times pain does come with pushing your limits, for example, muscle soreness from an extra-intense workout – chronic pain is not normal and does not need to be simply endured. Chronic pain can be very effectively addressed through regular Acu-Sports massage treatments that will help your body heal itself, optimize your flow of qi, and be tuned to deliver your personal best performance. And if you choose, we can also help you with optimizing your workout and design in exercises that will support your body in reaching your goals. Also, since you probably already know that nutrition is another important aspect of optimal physical performance, our staff can assist you with evaluating your current nutritional practices and offer our advice on modifications or enhancements you can make in your nutritional choices that will bring you to new levels of energy and performance.

We offer Acu-Sports Massage in Seattle and in our Hilo, Hawaii locations. Please call us today to schedule your healing experience!